VICTOR Wave Power 500

The head light Wave Power 500 offers brilliant racket feeling and excellent handling. The stiffer shaft and the Wave Power technology in the inner frame provide steady control at any speed.

Product Specification

Material: High Modulus Graphite
Headshape: isometricWeight: abt. 86 g (4U)
Grip size: G2Balance: HH Balance HL
HH = head heavy
HL = head light
Stiffness: S
S = stiff
F = flexible
Max. String Ten.: abt. 11 kg
String: ASHAWAY ZyMax 66 Fire PowerHoles: 72 (stringing pattern)
Extra: (Inside) Wave Power TechnologyBag: fullsize thermobag
Length: 673 mmArticle-No.: 147/1/0

All badminton racket details with string and grip.