Stringing Machines

The highly specialised VICTOR stringing machines provide optimal performance stringing for badminton, squash and tennis rackets. They convince with easy usage and are regularly used at top tournaments with professional stringers.

Stringing Machines

  • VICTOR VE-80

    VICTOR VE-80

  • VICTOR C 7032 PRO “Upgraded System”

    VICTOR C 7032 PRO “Upgraded System”

  • VICTOR VE-50

    VICTOR VE-50

  • VICTOR EMS 8000

    VICTOR EMS 8000

  • VICTOR MS 7000

    VICTOR MS 7000

  • VICTOR M 3000

    VICTOR M 3000

Stringing Equipment

  • VICTOR Repairing gripper

    VICTOR Repairing gripper

  • VICTOR Logomarker

    VICTOR Logomarker

  • VICTOR Stringing Tool

    VICTOR Stringing Tool

  • VICTOR Logo Template

    VICTOR Logo Template