We offer the perfect accessories for every occasion. VICTOR equipment features detailed design which has built with passion.



  • VICTOR Racketbag

    VICTOR Racketbag

  • VICTOR Thermobag Basic

    VICTOR Thermobag Basic

  • VICTOR Centerbag

    VICTOR Centerbag



  • VICTOR Towel

    VICTOR Towel

  • VICTOR Bath sheet

    VICTOR Bath sheet

  • VICTOR Drinks Bottle

    VICTOR Drinks Bottle

  • VICTOR lanyard

    VICTOR lanyard

  • VICTOR Mini feather shuttles

    VICTOR Mini feather shuttles

  • VICTOR Keychain

    VICTOR Keychain

  • VICTOR Squashgoggle

    VICTOR Squashgoggle

  • VICTOR Matchreport pad

    VICTOR Matchreport pad

  • VICTOR Fly Swat

    VICTOR Fly Swat

  • VICTOR Mask C-P0050

    VICTOR Mask C-P0050