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Silvermedal at Six Nation cup in UK

The winning series following last week is not over yet: our young VICTOR talents assembled several medals as well!

At the U17 Six Nations cup between Germany, Denmark, France, Sweden, England and the Netherlands, our VICTOR players Thuc Nguyen, Matthias Kicklitz and Aaron Sonnenschein took part for Germany.
Intention was to discover and pick out the best individual player as well as the best team.

15 years old Thuc Ngyuen won 9 of 10 games in the team competition, which was indeed remarkable, making her the most successful player of the German team.
This performance was close to Leona Michalski, double partner of Aaron Sonnenschein. In the end, the German team reached a well-earned 2nd place next to the winner Denmark.

The individual competitions were a success for our VICTOR players as well. Aaron and Matthias each secured a third place in the boys singles; a second bronze medal was won by Aaron in mixed double.
Thuc, in the girls double, even climbed the second place on the podest.

All in all, it was a great tournament showing once again that our junior players are definitely worth being monitored very closely.