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Gold to Tai Tzu Ying, Silver to Chan Peng Soon / Goh Liu Ying, Bronze to Sung Ji Hyun!

Raising the bar in Jakarta: Not only did Tai Tzu Ying start her winning series here in January, five months later she already gains the 5th goldmedal in a row! After falling behind against the Chinese player Chen Yufei in the finals, she fought her way back into the game, eventually winning it in 21-23, 21-15 and 21-9.

Another great performance was shown by the Malaysian Mixed Double Chan Peng Soon / Goh Liu Ying, resulting in a great silver medal after winning against two Chinese pairs set on place 2 and 4. It took the Indonesian local heroes Ahmad / Natsir to stop Chan and Goh in the finals.

Sung Ji Hyun’s semi-final was a hard fight as well: After more than 80 minutes of game time and 127 points played, she had to give in to her Chinese opponent -  this Bronze medal is well-earned!

Our European VICTOR players Vittinghus, Kjaersfeld and Kasper Antonsen did also participate in the tournament but could not attach to their former accomplishments this time.
However, there are some more tournaments to come!