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US Open - Yes, they can!

With 5 pairings fully sponsored by VICTOR in the five final matches of the US Open, no other brand came close to Team VICTOR this weekend!

After his victory against world famous Lin Dan on Wednesday (who retired after his drawback in the second set), the Korean athlete Lee Dong Keun (playing a Hypernano X 900) reached for the gold medal on Sunday and gained the title!

Another all VICTOR match was going on between the Malaysian Mixed Double Goh Liu Ying/Chan Peng Soon (who both play a Jetspeed: GLY a Jetspeed S 12F, CPS a Jetspeed S 10)  and Linda Efler/Marvin Seidel who both gained much attention on an international basis again. Linda and Marvin play the rackets Jetspeed S 10 and Jetspeed S 12 – all strung with ASHAWAY).

And last but not least, both Korean Men’s and Women’s Doubles rewarded themselves with the silver medal after fighting in three sets each against their Chinese opponents.

Congratulations to all players! We are now looking forward to the upcoming Canada Open where many athletes will compete again.