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Gold at the Squash British Open!

With the gold medal, won by Miguel Angel Rodriguez and the bronze medal awarded to Raphael Kandra, both players will go down in history: Raphael is not only the first German player ever to reach the semi-finals at the British Open.
He also beat the former world champion Nick Matthias [World Rankings: 11] and the No. 3 of the world Marwan Elshorbagy, rewarding him with his new PSA nick name: Giant-Killer Kandra!

In the semi-finals, both VICTOR players faced each other, ending with Miguel to play the finals against World No. 1 Mohamed Elshorbagy from Egypt. After more than 100 minutes of fighting, Miguel finishes this game with a fine victory, making him the first South-American Squash player ever winning this tournament. Both the Columbian media and his fans are completely losing it!

All VICTOR – ians  are very proud to announce these astonishing results, hoping for more achievements to come!