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India: Seven medals for VICTOR players in Cochi

After seven days of excellent Badminton, the World Senior Championships 2017 had reached their finals on the 17th September.

Our participating VICTOR players did not only show great performances, but also won 6 of the 14 German medals! Especially Claudia Vogelgsang dominated in three disciplines – and won three medals (Bronze in WD 35+, Silver in MX 35+ and fantastic Gold in WS 40+)!

Her mixed partner Felix Hoffmann played a strong game securing his second medal in these championships with a third place in MS 35+.

New VICTOR player Tanja Eberl did a great performance in the WS 50+ and WD 45+ showing  her overwhelming skills winning two times silver.

Next to the German players, the UK badminton professional Louise Culyer, also fully equipped and partnered by VICTOR succeeded in the WS finals 40+ and claimed her well-earned gold medal!

Congratulations to all the players and good luck for the next World Senior Championships 2019!