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SQUASH - European Team Championship 2017

The European Team Championship was held in Helsinki/Finland from the 26th to 29th of April.

Prior to this, the German men's and women's national teams of the German squash federation were equipped with the new VICTOR teamline 2107/18.

The women started in the 2nd division and had the clear target to rise up in the 1st division. With the new squad of Franziska Hennes, Sina Wall and Nele Hatschek, the women could reach their target and won the final over Switzerland to save the gold medal and to rise up in the 1st division.

The men already played in the 1st division and they were one of the favourite teams for a medal. But the beginning of the pool matches was not the best as they only got a tie against the Spanish team. But in the next match the German managed a surprisingly tie against the English team. Our VICTOR ambassador, Raphael Kandra, made his previous biggest win beating Daryl Selby, No. 12 in the PSA world ranking.

In the semi final the German's had no chance against the Frenchmen. But in the last match for the bronze medal the German national team was able to beat Scotland and Raphael Kandra was one of the winning players. 

Further VICTOR results: 

Kristian Frost, fully equipped by VICTOR, won the 2. Division the Danish men's national team and they will play in the 1st division in the future.

The Austrian national teams, commonly ambassador of the brand VICTOR, reached the 8th place in the men's 2nd division and the 4th place in the women's 2nd division.

The new VICTOR player Mark Krajcak reached the 5th place in the 2nd division with his Hungarian team.

We congratulate our teams and players to these great results!